SGT Donald C. Benson, Jr.


EOW November 1981

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Donald C. Benson;

Donald C. Benson was a graduate of the Forensic Science Academy and a Deputy Sheriff for the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office. While investigating a domestic dispute, Deputy Benson was killed in the line of duty. In his memory this scholarship program was established in 1991.

The Virginia Forensic Science Academy Alumni Association has formed a charitable foundation, the Donald C. Benson Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. for the general purpose of administering scholarship grants to qualifying individuals. Support from the VFSAAA, contributions from Association members, the general public, and from law enforcement agencies will provide the Fund with money to finance scholarships.

Contributions are tax deductible as provided under IRS regulations.

The tax identification number for Donald C. Benson Memorial Scholarship Fund is 54-1613304.

To be eligible for a grant, an applicant must be:

1. A dependent of a current active member of the VFSAAA, in good standing,

2. Or a dependent of a former active member of the VFSAAA, in good standing, who left the Association because of retirement or disability

3. Or a dependent of a deceased former member of the VFSAAA, who was in good standing at his passing.

To apply the applicant must submit the following items by the deadline of July 31st:

1. Completed application form,

2. Transcript of the applicant's high school record or most recent college transcript

3. A brief essay explaining why the applicant deserves the grant, to include accomplishments, and participation in school and outside activities.

Scholarships will be awarded subject to the following:

1. The applicant's need for assistance,

2. Awarded for a period of one year, but a former recipient may reapply

3. The number of scholarships awarded each year will be limited by availability of funds and eligible applicants.

Please submit all application packets to the following address:

Detective Randolph "Brian" O'Bier/Benson Fund

Lancaster County Sheriff's Office

8293 Mary Ball Road, Lancaster, VA 22503

804-462-6120 (office)   804-462-6124 (fax)  

The application form can be downloaded by clicking on the attached file.
Please note, the new application form for scholarships given out in 2020 will be loaded early 2020.