The Virginia Forensic Academy Alumni Association is composed of students
who have graduated from the Virginia Forensic Academy.


In April 2021 the 102th Session of the Virginia Forensic Science Academy graduated.

The nine (9) week academy is held by the Virginia Department of Forensic Science in Richmond Va. The Academy's objective is the training of qualified crime scene search officers. Law enforcement personnel learn to properly recognize, collect, and preserve items of physical evidence found at crime scenes for laboratory examination. The students become familiar with the capabilities and limitations of the modern forensic laboratory in the examination of the broad spectrum of materials which can be collected as evidence in criminal cases.

The course provides students with the necessary background information and practical application techniques which, when coupled with the student's previous experience, permit maximum utilization of forensic science in the apprehension and prosecution of criminals in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Forensic Science staff and visiting instructors, who have contributed many hours to this class, were a vital part in the success of the session.

In addition, the Virginia Forensic Science Academy Alumni Association, in conjunction with the Department of Forensic Science's Training Section, provides the graduate with many opportunities for continuing education. The Alumni Association provides unique organizational body which fosters the advancement of forensic science and professional crime scene investigation. 

The Forensic Science staff and visiting instructors, who have contributed many hours to this class, were a vital part in the success of the session.

Goal: The purposes of the Association are: To enhance the science and art of crime scene processing and evidence handling, to encourage the exchange of ideas and information concerning crime scene processing techniques among Academy graduates and other crime scene search officers, to strive for the development of improved technical practices, to promote the goals of the Criminal Justice System, and the ideals embraced by the Virginia Forensic Science Academy's crime scene search course, and to encourage high professional standards of conduct by all crime scene processors.
Activities: The activities of the Association include, but are not limited to the following:
  • The Association provides support for the Forensic Laboratory in the Forensic Science Academy in many ways — assisting in the coordination of training events — teaching in Academy sponsored training programs — teaching in other training programs concerning forensic science thus spreading knowledge and understanding concerning the capabilities of the Forensic Laboratory.
  • Members of the Alumni Association have worked with forensic laboratory training personnel in the development of evidence handling techniques, and other special projects. For example — an Evidence Handling Manual was developed as a joint effect.
  • The Association developed and partially funds the Donald C. Benson Memorial Scholarship Fund; this is a separate organization, which provides funds to deserving individuals pursuing a higher education and are Academy Alumni or dependents of an Academy graduate.
  • Funds provided by the Association have been used to improve the Forensic Academy library and recent sessions of the Academy have provided legacy funds for the support of the Academy.
  • A newsletter is published annually to provide a flow of information concerning laboratory and membership activities.
  • The Association has supported several legislative issues and other forensic laboratory initiatives such as; supported the DNA Data Bank and supported the regional concept for the Forensic Training Program.